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December 2017
Celebrate the Holidays by Shopping Local

We love to travel and are passionate about all things local –  seems an unlikely mix, but that is how Explore Local Box was born! When  traveling, we always get off the beaten path and try to see the city as  a local would.  We go to the little coffee shops, talk to the local  merchants, and just walk and walk around the city.  We find unique  products, delicious food and wonderful gifts.  The best we include in  our boxes so everyone can explore the great cities of the United States!   

Here are three reasons why we like to buy local for the holiday: 

1.  By shopping local we support the local economy. By shopping local you will be giving a present to the local community as well. Buying  a gift locally is investing in that community. Who doesn’t like a  community shopping experience where you see the business owner and often  their family members, where the local shopkeeper often recognizes your  face and greets you? These are  the places that make each community unique. While big box and chain  stores play a role in the national economy, we all know that it is the  small businesses that create the distinct character of a community. Plus supporting local businesses is so much more fun than facing crowded stores and fighting for a parking spot at holiday time! 

2.  We can give original gifts that are often made by hand.  Products by small businesses and artisans are usually unique and have a high degree of craftsmanship. They  are not trying to scale their product for the mass market so they are  usually personally invested in the quality of their product. Many  people are trying to be mindful of their material stuff and into having  “less.” For those people and for those who are hard to buy for or have  everything, Explore Local Box is a great gift because it focuses on the  experience. It also encourages sharing the experience of exploring a new  locale with children and family. 

3.  In shopping local, we have a personalized experience.  We have loved this aspect of our business. Whether  it is talking to our Portland vendor about repurposing old trees for  wood products, supporting a local coop of former refugees now living in  RI who are making a healthy granola or working with a producer of  delicious caramels who started out making them at home, it has been one  of the most enjoyable aspects of our work. We have learned a lot and we are excited to bring these experiences to our customers. So,  whether you shop local in your own community or you support local  communities in wonderful cities throughout the U.S. with Explore Local  Box, we wish you an enjoyable shopping experience and a wonderful  holiday season!

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