Thanks for all the feedback and reviews.  We are so happy that everyone is excited about our boxes - we are too!

"Lucky me! Once again I have come across a unique gift for travelers, but  it would also appeal to just about everyone! Old or young, adventurous  or observer, I find this idea pretty intriguing."


"If you’re like me and love learning about new places, you can explore cities around the United States (even when you’re not traveling!) with Explore Local Box.  Every month, you’ll get unique products made by local artisans from a  different city in the U.S. The box of goodies gets delivered right to  your door along with a fact sheet about the city. It’s like a mini tour  that gives you insight to the city, supports small business owners, and  will probably add a few places to your bucket list!

"Now you can travel monthly! Not everyone can travel extensively, or even very often, but thanks to a brand new company, Explore Local Box founded by Jessica Larrabee, you can! Receive a monthly box, or one  time box, that explores the local flavors and cultures of other locales!  I just went to Boston, and it was an awesome little trip! The box is so  cute and I was excited to receive it. Anyone who loves to travel,  and/or loves food, will love this gift."

"What a great  way to get someone excited about an upcoming trip, or a preview treat  for a child about to go off to college in another city!"

"The Explore Local Box is  a great way to explore different cities and taste and experience what  each has to offer! We love the presentation - everything arrives  perfectly. The quality is awesome - each item is amazing and really  wonderfully made! Curation is SUPER!"

"I enjoyed everything :) Funny thing too, I was just in Boston just  prior to receiving the box..a friend I've known since I was 12 was  celebrating her 40th birthday there.. :)" -N