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This all started with our founders passion for travel and her knack for connecting with small businesses. Today, Explore Local is more than our specialty subscription boxes, it's a community.

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How It All Began...

Explore Local's founder, Jessica, created this business as a way for her to explore the great cities of the United States, and support all of the wonderful, creative small businesses she encountered. By the time she turned 28, she had visited all 50 states, through a combination of family vacations, trips with friends, and her cross-country road trip.

Her cross-country road tip was the inspiration for Explore Local, as she took a slow, meandering route from Boston to the west coast, and she connected with so many wonderful creators and makers, and brought home great local products for her family, friends, and herself to enjoy.

Having a creative and entrepreneurial streak, she had always been interested in and appreciative of artisan products and local businesses. Because really, who doesn't love popping into a local farmers market and seeing the same friendly faces as last week, who might ask you how you liked that fresh strawberry jam you purchased?

Where we are now...

Jessica's cousin, Dakota, and his high-school sweetheart, Kelly, have now taken the reigns of Explore Local, and have big dreams for the future of this community. Building upon Jessica's values of travel, connection, and authenticity, Dakota and Kelly are excited to continue offering locally made goods from US cities they love, and curate a lifestyle brand out of Explore Local. 

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you're a vendor who'd like us to feature your product, or a customer who's passionate about their city, let us know! Please email us at sales@explorelocalbox.com.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!