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The hand-printed tea towel is from Hearth and Harrow. The artists/screen printers got their start just outside of Boston designing and printing textiles on one corner of their kitchen table! They have since outgrown their kitchen and now focus fully on designing and hand-printing nature-inspired home goods using 100% Certified Organic cotton. Jason McCrea of McCrea’s has created something truly special with his hand-crafted caramels. Jason, a scientist, and his wife Kate and staff are possessed by the single, simple idea to make the best caramel in the world using all natural ingredients. I hope you agree – they are delicious! Doves & Figs founder Robin grew up making batches of home-made jam with her family. She says that while most kids want to have a lemonade stand, she dreamed of someday selling summer jam and she has with Doves & Figs. All products are created with sun-ripened fresh fruit grown on New England farms, pure cane sugar, and no added pectin or preservatives. Taza’s founder Alex Whitmore took his first bite of stone ground chocolate while traveling in Mexico and was so inspired by the rustic intensity that he decided to create a chocolate factory back home in Somerville, MA. Taza is a pioneer in ethical cacao sourcing. The seafood and vegetable seasoning is from Boston Spice, a company that loves its Boston history. The website says the “revolution that won our freedom might be long over, but the revolution over flavorless food will rage on” and they are here to help us conquer the war over tasteless food! Boston Spice’s founder Steven is a chef himself so always strives for that perfect seasoning.

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